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The best app for everyday life at school. It's absolutely worth its price. Fast and friendly support. Active development with inclusion of the community.


The app is helpful and protects my sanity regardless of all the work intesification 😉. Thank's for that!


Great tool for managing multiple classes, lesson planning, grading... Besides the support is unbeatable!


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TeacherStudio is now available for Windows 10, Android and iOS in the UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Bulgaria. We are adding countries all the time.

Ease your daily grind

Find everything in one place

TeacherStudio combines grades, schedule and course book. It helps you to find information fast and easy.

Master your schedule

The integrated schedule eases managing appointments and lessons. Create, cancel and reschedule without breaking a sweat.

Remember everything

TeacherStudio documents missing homework, absences and all remarks about your students and courses.

Put the calculator away

TeacherStudio calculates your students grades automatically. You can overrule it though to give educational grades.

Keep your data safe

TeacherStudio creates encrypted backups and synchronizes your data between your Windows 10 devices, so you need never fear to lose your data.

Stay in charge

All data is saved locally. We don't want your data, it's yours! Features like the cloud synchronization are only executed if and when you want it.

Integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use

It's your choice