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We are very proud to publish TeacherStudio in more european countries today.

TeacherStudio is now available in theUnited Kingdom, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Bulgaria. We are adding countries all the time.

How it came to be

teacherstudio on tablet

TeacherStudio is Germanys best teacher app in the Windows Store. We are very proud to be able to support teachers all over Europe from now on.

TeacherStudio was first introduced in 2014. Since then it has continuously been featured as one of the most popular and best selling top apps in the Windows Store and gathered thousands of users.

Over time we got more and more requests by German teachers in all parts of the world who wanted to use the app as well since it was growing more and more popular for their colleagues at home. When we finally started getting requests by non German teachers we knew we had to act.

TeacherStudio is the teacher app which will reclaim your spare time.

How TeacherStudio eases your workload

TeacherStudio improves your daily organisation radically. All data is managed in one app: TeacherStudio unifies your grade, student and lesson management. You'll find all course and lesson data in a single integrated place.

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Lesson schedule overview

The integrated calendar enables you to easily manage school related appointments and lessons. These appointments can be created, moved and cancelled hassle free and with a few clicks.

teacherstudio schedule

Students at a glance

You can easily lookup who forgot his her her material or homeworks. If there is something that you want to remember, add comments for students, lessons and grades.

Calculate grades on the fly

TeacherStudio will calculate grades for you based on a fully customizable grading scheme. If the calculated grade doesn't properly reflect the students performance, you can override calculated grades easily.

teacherstudio grades

Works for all school types

TeacherStudio comes with a wide variety of grade systems and can be used at all kinds of schools like elementary schools, grammar schools or vocational schools.

Easy reporting

Whenever you need a report, be it for parent-teacher-conferences or semester finalizations, you can create printable course reports. These reports list the lesson topics, notable lessons and all grades.

Your data when you need it

An easy to use, encrypted data sync feature via OneDrive, Office365 and GoogleDrive is built in and allows you to sync data between different devices.


TeacherStudio is available in English and German. 2 courses can be managed for free allowing teachers and teachers in training to try all features and discover TeacherStudio.

A license covers an unlimited number of devices and is bound to the user account and operating system that initiated the purchase.

Learn more about TeacherStudio

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